Dancehall Mecca 2021

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Dancehall Mecca is a Dancehall Dance Camp that takes place in Jamaica a couple of times a year and offers some of the best upcoming, buzzing, and established Jamaican talents all on one event!

We offer 6 classes at a much discounted rate to make it affordable to all and get as many people from the community involved in a way that benefits all.

For this edition, we have teamed up with Queens On Top (DHQ Alevanille) and Dancehall Ketch-Up (Jazzie) in order to truly pay homage to some of our local Queens in the industry in aims of promoting female solidarity and a stronger sense of unity and community right here in the Mecca Of Dancehall!

Di Way It Works:

To Purchase An “In-Person” Ticket click the image above (on left) and follow the payment steps and you will receive a receipt that you can present upon entrance of the event.

The presold price for this is currently $45usd but will be $50usd on the day of the event.

To Purchase a ‘Livestream” Ticket, click this above image (on right) and follow the payment procedure. You will also receive an email with a receipt for payment. The day before the event you will be emailed the links to all 6 classes taking place at Dancehall Mecca.