Pick a night, any night! There are guaranteed to be at least two if not more Dancehall events. Jamaica is the mecca for Dancehall and we surely mek it!

So which are the events worthy of checking out? The scene can change relatively quickly and sometimes something as whimsical as a venue change can make or break an event but at this moment, here are our recommendations:

Monday night starts off with Mojito Monday’s located on South Avenue close to the Halfway tree region. This event gets going around 12ish and usually ends promptly at two. The most noteworthy aspect of this event, in my opinion, is the mixture of all socio-economic groups of Jamaicans themselves. I feel this event has the most presence of Uptown and Midtown as well as the hardcore Dancehall crowd and visitors alike. At about 2… it’s on to what the hardcore Dancehallers consider the main event for Monday nights… Uptown Mondays!

After making the two minute walk over to Savannah plaza, the next event is ready to warm up… at 2:30am… and doesn’t quite kick into gear until the main resident selectas, Boom Boom and Harry Hype take the wheels of steel. Uptown Monday’s is known as the Stadium! And rightfully so as it is where you see competition like dancing from almost all of Dancehall’s top groups, competing for the “mid-field” and the eyes and attention of patrons, the selector and Videographers alike!
This is where stars can be made! And the energy in the air let’s you know that you have entered into a new galaxy, where everyone is a Dancehall star!

Tuesday night’s get going with Supahype’s Sexy Tuesdays now held in Halfway Tree on Hillview Avenue. Good time to arrive is around 1am where the vibe is a nice engine starter for the main event on a Tuesday night… Boasy Tuesday’s! Boasy starts at around 230am andd is located at the top of Maxfield avenue, just across from the Transport Authority (close to Halfway Tree). Boom Boom and Harry Hype are the main resident selectas aka dj for the night here as well, but something about this environment is very different from his Monday night event. Promoters Blazé Blazé (a member of the once John Squad and now Rulaz crew) and Mumma Blazé are also there to add color to this weekly heavy hitter.

Wednesday’s get started with the legendary Stone Love at their headquarters on Burlington avenue in Halfway Tree. Start time is around 1:30am and the experienced Stone Love selectas know how to build the vibe! At around 3:30am the crowd heads to Fantasy Wednesdays formerly known as Magnum Wednesday’s On Hagley Park rd. Selectas Ruxie and Cardo have the real hardcore vibe that brings crowds into a Dancehall trance in their own special way!

Thursday nights are a much anticipated staple of the Dancehall milieu! Rebel T Headquarters starts off the vibe with HottaRice and Milo’s Dayrave Thursdays at approximately 1:30am. The recent change of venue also makes for a different experience where it’s not in the middle of the streets but the authentic experience is still there none the less. Afterwards it’s over to Wappinz Thursday on Hagley Park road at approximately 3:30am where Fantasy Sound along with a few others turn up the vibes to fever pitch often until morning light!

Friday and Saturday night aren’t the most popular nights of the week but there is Activ Fridays on Hagley Park road featuring Stainy and Chattis of Game Changaz sound. 1:30am and you good as this one isn’t a til mawnin type event!
Saturday’s are usually reserved for random parties and events and there is usually no shortage of places to go on this night but there is currently no mainstay event leading out Saturdays.Sunday’s is rest day right? Nope 🙂
Many start the day at Hellshire beach where the seafood is a major attraction but also their beach party event is quite a different experience from the other #Dancehall events with a little mini stage and all! In the evening there are so many options to choose from starting with either Wet Sundays in Halfway Tree at around 1230am. Then at around 2:30am it’s on over to Boom Sundays in Grants Pen… …where the Gully side Tun Up til about 4am when the Dancehall Exodus happens and it’s on over to Bounty Killa’s Bounty Sunday’s at Oneil’s Place on Hagley Park rd!

So get your Dancehall fix any day of the week you wish! Bring your own personal sense of style and an open mind and be prepared for a cultural overdose!