Policy & Guidelines


Welcome to the Belleh 23!

Belleh 23 is a guest-house accommodating creatives (Dancers, Musicians, Artistes, Filmmakers etc.) from across the world. We are located off Charlton Road, a quiet, central part of Kingston 8, close to Halfway Tree, within five minutes’ walk to a 24-hour convenient store, supermarket, restaurants, bars, banks, ATM and public transportation.  We have both indoor and outdoor dance spaces. As well as an indoor rehearsal space, spacious garden and backyard featuring an outdoor shower.

We enjoy being part of the Kingston Dancehall scene, and the Belleh 23 team is happy to assist with any questions or inquiries.  We hope you have a wonderful experience with us and look forward to your visit.

Here are some guidelines to help make your stay run smoothly and maintain positive vibes in our Belleh 23 community.

Thank you for respecting them.


In order to secure your booking, a 10% non-refundable deposit is required. Payment options can be discussed. The balance will be due upon check-in.

Dance classes or Rehearsals

No Classes can be scheduled on Sundays.

The outside dance space can have classes up to 6pm.

The indoor dance space can have classes up to 9pm, out of respect for the other guests and neighbors.

All classes must be reserved a head of time by writing on the Bulletin board to reserve the space.

To use the AC, the cost is $500jmd per class.

There is no cost to take classes in the space, however we do ask that you tag the house in all videos shot here, when posted.

Energy Conservation

Please turn off electricity, like fans and lights when not in use.

The stove switch should be off when not in use.


Please keep all common areas clean and your belongings in your room or locker

Smoking is only allowed on the balconies or outside (NO SMOKING INSIDE)

To respect or neighbors, please keep the noise levels down after 8pm

(also, be conscious of excessive noise levels when other house-guests are sleeping)

You can get a key to a locker if you wish to lock away your personal belongings

A usd$10 key deposit will be taken at check-in and returned upon check-out

You will be responsible for any B23 property/ items broken out of negligence


You can have visitors but the entertaining areas are restricted to common areas and yard (not in rooms unless checked-in)

This is for security, as well as making sure that everyone is comfortable space-wise.

Coming to and from Belleh 23

Please keep all doors locked on your way in and out

DO NOT walk at night. DO so in groups during the day when possible

Please keep the gate securely closed when you enter or leave


Please wash your dishes after eating and put them away. Please keep common areas clean.

Everyone is given a crate in the kitchen with a matching name to their bed. Please utilize this and store any items that don’t need to be refrigerated.

Please put food in sealed containers. Ants can eat through some plastic packaging to get at foods.

Feel free to label your food if it might get mixed up with others.

Tap water is safe to drink. You can also buy filtered water.


Be mindful that you’re sharing the bathroom with others, so please be considerate of time, cleanliness and space.


Full payment for the booking period should be paid at check-in unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.

If you decide to extend your visit, please confirm the booking with Sanjay and pay for the extended period at confirmation.

Pool Rules

The pool is reserved for our guests only.



Please rinse off in outdoor shower before entering the pool.



Clean up before leaving the pool deck.


Please wash your dishes after eating and put them away, Keep common areas clean. Everyone is assigned a crate in the kitchen with a label matching their bed name. Please use you bin to store any items that don’t need to be refrigerated.

Put food in sealed containers. As ants can eat through some plastic packaging to get at food.

Feel free to label your food/drinks as to avoid confusion.

The Tap water is safe to drink, but filtered water is available for purchase.


We have a 24hour emergency response security system, King Alarm, protecting the house and a panic button in case of medical and safety emergencies. Our caretaker, Dennis, is also on-hand at the house.

We suggest taking taxis to get around. Please be careful if traveling by foot. While this is generally a good area, things can happen anywhere and at any time.  When walking around, there are a number of things you can do to make yourself and belongings more secure.

  • Travel in daylight
  • Travel as a group
  • Don’t carry phones or valuables in your hand, or visible in a bag.
  • Hold bags tightly and in-front of you.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.


We have a washing machine that is available to guests.

You also have the option of doing laundry through our cleaning lady for a cost of $500jmd.

The washroom is available between the hours of 10am to 10pm ONLY.


Communication is key, please speak to us about any questions, concerns, requests, issues or feedback.  Also, please keep communication with your housemates clear and kind.

Thanks for booking with BELLEH 23, enjoy your stay!